Brahmaputra Paradise Box

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Brahmaputra Paradise Box
Brahmaputra Paradise Box Brahmaputra Paradise Box

Brahmaputra Paradise Box

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Product Description

Brahmaputra  (Sanskrit:  ब्रह्मपुत्र) also called Tsangpo-Brahmaputra, is a trans-boundary river and one of the major rivers of Asia. This dynamic river originates in the holy Mount Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet, traverses the entire Tibetan plateau before tumbling from the great Himalayan heights onto the Plains of the Indian subcontinent. It has cut into the Himalayas, the deepest canyon in the world, a canyon yet to be explored. The Brahmaputra valley is closely related with lores from the great Indian epic, Mahabharata, and with the worship of Lord Shiva.


Inspired by the vivaciousness and energy that Brahmaputra embodies, our  tea is a creation using the dark intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavorful teas grown in Assam, and a selection of the appropriate herbs.  These herbs are a rich source of phyto-estrogens. They help correct the PMS and menopausal imbalance and rejuvenate the female libido – serving as a good YIN tonic.  

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