What Sets Us Apart?

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Our Premium Tea Leaves



Only the finest high quality tea leaves and herbs are selected no compromises.



. . . . . . . . Actually, we would have it no other way!




Our Unique Creations




  • Flavors that are exotic and enthrall your taste buds 
  • Flavors that are not easily found 
  • And, flavors that you have heard of, but not quite tasted!      



Our award winning flavors include  Lemon-Cinnamon and Southern Spice. And where else would you find the exotic Kashmiri Kawa? Our variety will delight the tea enthusiasts and we have a line up of other exotic, enthralling flavors to be introduced in the near future.



INNOVATION Suhimi Herbal Fortifications – 1st of its kind!



A path breaking proprietary process of fortification using Ayurvedic herbs



Herbal ingredients are added in the right sequence under reduced atmosphere to maximize synergistic action


What’s in it for me?

Specific combinations of herbal ingredients have been used to create “purpose built” products that are good for you! These herbs add to the natural flavor of teas enhancing the overall mouthfullness experience.


Our Exquisite Presentation







Large pore teapods made of nylon or hand woven fabric


Each teapod is individually wrapped in sachets


Elegant packaging in attractive boxes and canisters and beautiful gift options as well.