Shushrut (Over all Wellness ) Tin Caddie of 100g Loose Tea

Shushrut (Over all Wellness ) Tin Caddie of 100g Loose Tea

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Sushrut (6th century BCE) is the "father of Surgery" in Ancient Indian medicine.  His famous treatise Susrutasamhita is quite possibly the world’s oldest work documenting procedures encompassing such as Salya (Surgical procedures) and Salyaka (grafting) including specilaities such as pediatrics, geriatrics, diseases of the ear, nose, throat and eye, toxicology, aphrodisiacs and psychiatry.  The text was translated into Arabic in the 8th century.  It was through the efforts of Susruta that surgery achieved a leading position in general medical training.

Inspired by the pioneering contributions of Sushrut, the father of Surgery in Ayurveda, our SUSHRUT teas are a homage to the world’s greatest surgeon from ancient times.  The herbs used in this formulation help stabilize metabolism, rejuvunate the nervous system and vitalize the immune system for overall holistic wellness.  Our selection of herbs and their communion with premium black tea leaves lead to the creation of SUSHRUT teas delivering a taste that is pleasing to the most refined palate!