Our Packaging

Our Packaging

  • Nylon or handwoven silk
  • Large Pore size
  • Unique Pyramidal Design

Actually, we can afford to…… since we DO NOT carry Tea DUST!

Preserve freshness & taste
Are hygienic
Individual sachets
Gifts Ideas


We offer the convenience of carrying the teas of your choice whenever you travel - that too, in an individually wrapped sachet so that it preserves the flavor of teas.


For all of you who love the outdoors and have the yearning for teas while camping and/or backpacking, teas are a healthy beverage to enjoy. Pack the favorite flavors when you go on a trek and feel refreshed the next day for another hike down the trails!

At Office?

Isn't it tough to find the right flavor of tea while at work? How often do you find yourself needing a nice refreshing tea beverage while at work or during meetings just to break the monotony of work. Why not impress your customers and business partners by serving them some of the most delectable teas one can lay their hands on? We have just the right choice for you and your organization.

Our boxes remind us of the Kamelia legacy and evoke a sense of nostalgia. The design on the boxes is an actual replica of the handwritten diaries of Mr. Tiwari. The tea pods inside are pyramidal, with big pores and are made of handwoven silk or nylon. Each tea pod is individually wrapped to preserve freshness. Each box contains 20 teapods.


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