Why Tea ?

  • After the hard exercise of Paying bills.
  • Holidaying with my best friend!
  • Goes well with lacy tablecloth in front of me!
  • Relaxes me after a long day shopping!
  • Encourages good luck.
  • It’s your 3rd date & it is too late for Coffee!
  • I am Daddy’s little girl!
  • You are Mama’s Boy!
  • There is no more ice cream in the Fridge!
  • I deserve a treat!
  • Want to hear Mom’s advice over a shared cup of Tea!
  • Unpacking can wait…
  • My best friend is getting married to man of her dreams!
  • Pregnancy test came positive.. Covid test came negative!
  • We are just good friends.. no long term commitment!
  • Bad cut! But it’s only Hair. It’ll grow back!

Side effects of Tea

  • Aaha Moments!
  • Gifts & giggles!
  • Candle lit occasions!


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