My tea experience at Pushkar Resorts was divine. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, just one more cup of coffee and i'd feel alright. Just recently i switched over to tea to break my coffee addiction and got hold of some green tea from China and twining tea bags(the flavoured ones). Over a period of some odd 8 months ive grown fond of drinking tea without milk and i enjoy it. I was in Pushkar last week and tasted kamelia's herbal and mint tea. the aroma and flavour was just anything but ordinary. All i can say is, if Bob Dylan ever tried Kamelia tea, he would have never written a song ' one more cup of coffee' , instead would have said one more cup of kamelia tea.! thanks....

Neha Phalpher Soni

-, India
20 Jul, 2019
It was wonderful speaking to you! You not only spoke so nicely but have been kind enough to help us out ! I have no hesitation in saying that the tea of such a delightful person can only be delightful!! My mother and I visited ITC Rajputana last week where my mother had Indian Spice Tea manufactured by Kamelia Beverages. A tea connoisseur for past many years of her life ( she is now 83 yrs of age) my mother doesn't appreciate any tea easily. This particular tea she relished so much that for all 2 days we stayed at ITC she only had this at all times. She found it very refreshing and just with the right zing. We even asked the hotel people where we could procure it. I am extremely thankful to you for making it possible for me to get this tea for her.

Charu Kapoor

-, India
06 Jul, 2019
I am Manish Singhal and I hope and wish all is fine at your end. I spoke with you on telephone on Sat 29th June morning. Just to recollect, I recently stayed in ITC Rajputana and come across tea blend "Indian Spice Tea" prepared by you and without exaggeration let me tell you it's the best Tea we (me and my wife both) have tasted in long long time. I would be highly obliged if I can buy the same tea and on regular basis. I would like to have it both at our home and in office.

Shalx Foam

Haryana, India
01 Jul, 2019
I tried the morning zing tea for the first time at ITC Rajputana, Jaipur (ITC calls it Indian spice tea) and it is hands down one of the best teas I've ever tasted. Being a south Indian, I'm more of a coffee drinker, but this tea may have just converted me! It's a really wonderful blend with the right amount of spices - nothing too overpowering but the subtlety of the aromas and the taste is what makes it so great. Kudos to Ms.Tiwari of Kamelia Teas for coming up with this. Her experience and knowledge shines through in the quality of the tea that she makes.

Harini Kumar

Chennai, India
22 Mar, 2019
Really Lovely talking to you . The Indian spice tea at the Maurya Shereto is fantastic . Left such an amazing feeling of bliss . So much so that I had to find out where is was from . Rarely does a tea today leave such an impression .

Sumedha Ahuja

-, India
02 Mar, 2019

Rajesh Kumar

-, India
16 Sep, 2017
I was introduced to your product during my stay at the ITC Gardenia, Bangalore. Since I liked it very much and I wish to know where I could buy the tea bags.

Dr. P. K. Chitnis

Bangalore, India
20 Jul, 2017
i mentioned that i have stayed at ITC Grand Bharat and found your tea very interesting.

Salil Bansal

-, India
02 Dec, 2016
I just got back from ITC grand Bharat ..and had these amazingggg "Indian spice " tea pods over there . I requested them if I could purchase from them. To which they gave me ur contact nos and told me to contact u for the same.. Requesting u to send me pricing and packing qualities for the same . Many thanks and warm regards

Kapila Miglani

-, India
08 Sep, 2016
I must say it's the best tea i have ever had.

Pramod Sharma

-, India
02 May, 2016
I thought they were excellent teas and being an ex tea planter, I enjoyed the cuppa!

Kuntal Desai

Ex Manager Unilever Plantations, -, India
26 Feb, 2016
The tea was perfect balance of color and aroma. I was very much impressed by the quality of the tea supplied to ITC.

Sumit Grover

Business Manager, -, India
09 Feb, 2016
As my trip to India comes to a close and I have time to follow up on emails, I would like to thank you for the wonderful tea tasting that you graciously provided. It was not only enjoyable, but very instructive. I look forward to re-tasting the teas in the USA. Thanks again!

Christopher Koetke

CEC, CCE, HAAC, Jaipur, India
09 Oct, 2014
I had the herbal tea at the radisson hotel in pune it was mind blowing. I am still missing the tea Its a special request if you can arrange the herbal tea pod Thanks kamelia tea for giving me the unique taste

Yakub Shaikh

Speciality restaurants ltd, Mainland, Chile
17 Feb, 2012
It was wonderful talking to you the other day. Thanks for that, well i am sending you this mail to actually tell you the experience i had with kamelia darjeeling tea at the Gorbandh Palace Hotel in Jaisalmer, so let me tell you that it was an amazing time i had with this tea sachets at the hotel, i never thought that this kind of hotel i could get such an amazing tea, it actually made my holiday more relaxing as i am a very stonch tea person........and am very particular about the brew, i have travelled & stayed at the best of the hotels but havent found such kind of flavours. So i give your company full marks for such great flavour. i wish i could get it in the retail market. I wish you guys all the best and my full support for your venture.

Rakhee Chauhan

-, India
07 Feb, 2012
It was nice speaking with you a couple of weeks back. Like I mentioned, I had a cup of Darjeeling tea at Cafe Coffee Day in Delhi and was driven to enquire about the brand/manufacturer, since the flavour was very distinct / different from most Darjeeling teas I'd had in a long time, including at coffee shops at large hotels. I saw the packaging, noted the brand and searched the company on the internet to see if this was retailed and available off the shelf. Unfortunately, it seems that the company's model is currently institutional sales driven and doesn't target the retail segment directly. I'm thankful for your offer to send me a few packets as a special delivery. I wouldn't want to impose upon your generosity and would be happy if you could send a couple of packets, one for myself and the other that I plan to send to my brother in law in South Africa. Please do also let me know how I could pay for these. Thank you very much.

Vikrant Bahl

New Delhi, India
13 Feb, 2011
I called you sometime back for Kamelia tea pod. Our Managing Director, Mr. Sanjeev Shriya was in Jaipur sometime. There he had tasted the tea at some hotel. He really liked it, gave me your address to get the same. But unfortunately after our conversation I came to know that this is not for retail. Madam, we shall be highly obliged if you could please send us some Tea Pods.

Mr. Sanjeev Shriya

Syscom Corporation Ltd., Noida, India
11 Feb, 2011
I like your tea. I test it at Heritage Khirasra Palace - Rajkot. I appreciate taste of tea & quality. Please send Samples & Name of Dealer from which I can purchase it for my office use. My detail address is given below Thanking you,

Mr. Vipul H Patel

10 Feb, 2011
Greetings of the day!!! We would like to thank you people for marvelous tast of tea. We saurashtrian (gujarati) people very choosy for tast of tea.and your product give us fantastic response. Thankue,


Heritage khirasarapalace pvt.ltd, Rajkot, India
10 Feb, 2011
Thank you for your reply with regards to the Tea I drank in Israel. It was brought by a good friend who's been traveling through Darjeeling a few months ago. Nowdays I'm writing a Novel and having your Tea in the afternoon soothes my mind and I linger writing my evening hours effortlessly. I am normally a coffee person but there comes a time that what I need is a good strong flavoury tea. I have been to your website and have seen the variety of packaging you make. I am impressed.

Eyal Schwartz

-, Israel
09 Feb, 2011
to Whom it may concern I have just finished the tea packet brought all the way from Darjeeling to Tel aviv in Israel. It was delicous and had lovely fregrants. thank you for the lovely tea you make.

Eyal Schwartz

-, India
06 Feb, 2011
I happened to taste your product 'Darjeeling Leaf Tea Pad', which I liked very much. Could you let me where can I get these tea bags in Delhi? Thank you, Regards/ Migliori saluti/ Mit freundlichen Grüßen /Meilleures amities

Rakesh Bhatia

Director (Parts Operations), Delhi, India
13 Jan, 2011

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