Agni (Men’s Health)- Tin Caddie of 100g

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Tea Type: CTC / Loose Tea

Weight: 100g

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Agni is a Hindu and Vedic deity.  The word Agni is Sanskrit for "fire" (noun), cognate with Latin ignis (the root of English ignite).   Agni has three forms: fire, lightning and the sun.  Agni is one of the most important of the Vedic gods - the god of fire and the acceptor of sacrifices.  He is ever-young, because the fire is re-lit every day, yet he is also immortal.

Inspired by Agni, our AGNI Tea is a symbol of strength, vitality and passion that is re-lit every day.  The herbal ingredients in this sensuous tea improve the human micro-vascular system, enhance libido and potency and increase vitality and desire.  Enjoy the brew each time and get infused with a new vigor while savoring the flavors of our AGNI teas.

Herbal Ingredients:
  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Safed Musli
  3. Shilajit
  4. Mucuna
  5. Gokhru

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