Padmini (Body Toning)- Tin Caddie of 100g

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Tea Type: Green Tea / Loose Leaf

Weight : 100g

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Rani Padmini, the Rajput Queen of Chittor, is considered to be the epitome of Indian womanhood and a personification of sacrifice and valor.  Her beauty, grace and valor to protect her own honor is revered to this date by the people of India.

Inspired by the personality of Rani Padmini, our PADMINI tea is a tribute to the grace of this beautiful and brave queen of Rajasthan.  Our herbal fortifications involve ingredients that help promote general toning of the body, reduce intestinal absorption and help lower lipid and triglyceride levels – essentially, helping alleviate obesity.  Enjoy our graceful PADMINI tea – a smooth tasting concoction to promote general toning of the body!

Herbal Ingredients:
  1. Garcinia
  2. Vijaysar
  3. Guggul
  4. Nagarmotha

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